The Moon Festival: A Cultural Treasure in Agbogbloshie

Nagasaka Mago, the CEO of Mago Motors and a Japanese artist, established the Moon Festival. This festival aims to foster peace among the 12 tribes in the northern part of Ghana, hence the name ‘Moon’ which symbolizes peace, and which also serves as an annual celebration for the employees of Mago Motors. It is celebrated in Agbogbloshie as all the 12 tribes are well represented in the area. The festival, which marked its 5th anniversary in 2023, is a dance celebration for the tribes.

To commemorate this milestone, the people of Agbogbloshie teamed-up at the Agbogbloshie Scraps dump site on December 24th, 2023, to construct a synthetic moon using recycled PET bottles.

The Koko Plus Foundation (KPF) was present and supported by contributing 2,000 sachets of its protein and micronutrient powder (P-MNP), a supplement used to enrich traditional home-made meals for infants aged 6 months and older.

The KPF team educated the mothers on the importance of providing nutritious meals for their infants and children’s health and demonstrated how to properly use KOKO Plus in traditional homemade dishes. The program participants then received wholesome meals of mashed kenkey, and beetroot maize porridge enriched with KOKO Plus.